Hello, I’m Kate, the writer, recipe developer and stylist behind Brunchfastclub.

Food is my absolute favourite thing ever. I love shopping for what’s in season at the Farmer’s Markets, choosing different nuts, seeds and grains from bulk foods stores, and enjoy putting away my purchases inside recycled jars in my pantry, just as much as the actual shopping. Cooking food is how I like to relax, even after a full day of cooking for work. I love sharing food with others and sometimes find myself going off on a tangent about the health benefits of whatever I’m sharing.

I’m currently in my final semester of study before I can begin practicing as a clinical and holistic nutritionist. In the meantime, I run regular workshops and events to teach people about various aspects of nutrition, which you can learn more about here.

Personally, I follow a wholefoods plant-based diet. The wholefoods part is something I believe everybody should incorporate, but i completely understand and appreciate that plant-based doesn’t work for all. In saying that, everyone should at least try to enjoy eating a plant based meal every now and again, because food without meat, eggs or dairy is still incredibly delicious and satisfying!

If you like food, I’m sure you’ll enjoy cooking and eating my recipes…. and you might just learn a few of the health benefits of what you’re eating, while you’re at it.

Kate x

Kate Levins