why brunchfastclub?

brunch is the best meal of the day, agreed? it’s a time of day where you can eat whatever you please and feel great about it. there’s something about the magical hour of 11am. not too early, not quite lunch, it could be time for pancakes, lentil soup or a cacao smoothie. heck, why not have all three! that’s the other thing– there’s always an abundance of food at brunch because it’s impossible to only make one thing.

 this blog is about my love for good, uncomplicated food that’s full of flavour and nutrition.

there’s nothing better than a crisp, rosy apple picked from the tree in march– the very beginning of the season. pair it with some rhubarb, a chunk of freshly grated ginger, lemon zest, and a sprinkling of vanilla powder and you’ve made a great dish for brunch. in september, fresh green peas with minced garlic, lemon zest, mint leaves, cracked black pepper and a drizzle of olive oil makes for an impressive salad and in december we happily eat our weight in stone fruit.

these are the seasons and unfortunately, supermarkets have warped our view of them, making it possible to buy cherries in june and pumpkins in december. food is at its best when we eat what is fresh and seasonal. living in australia sort of clouds our idea of what is seasonal because our weather is warmer for longer than it’s cold. to get your head around it, you just need to head to the farmer’s markets. talking to the person who a day or two ago, picked the head of broccoli that you’re buying today is a really cool thing.

isn’t it amazing that we can choose how we fuel our bodies. the decision to eat either a chiko roll, or a chickpea pancake topped with avocado, sprouts and herbs is a really big deal. one is going to give us a really quick burst of energy and then make us feel sluggish, tired and hungry again. the other gives us long lasting energy, contains a balance of good fats, protein and carbohydrates and is full of vitamins and minerals.

i’m speaking from experience when i say that the latter tastes good and makes you feel good.


I’m currently studying Nutritonal Medicine, and in awe of the information I’ve learnt over the past 18 months– I want to share it! With each recipe I share, I also include a few key nutritional highlights, so you’ll feel inspired too.


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